Bird: The Definitive Visual Guide

Название:Bird: The Definitive Visual Guide
Издатель:Дорлинг Киндерсли
Количество страниц:512
Цена:2 117 ₽
Описание:The beauty and drama of the bird world brought to breathtaking life in a compact format from hummingbirds weighing less than a coin to monkey eating eagles, this is a unique celebration of birds, photographed and studied in their natural environments around the world. Explore the complete bird story: from their origins to up to date information on flight, anatomy, feeding, communication, breeding, habitat, migrations and life cycles. Spectacular features on the most impressive birds, plus a huge catalogue that profiles nearly fifteen hundred different species makes this a must have for every bird enthusiast. This book is published with Birdlife International, the world’s leading avian authority.
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