Complete Birds of Britain and Europe (+ CD)

Название:Complete Birds of Britain and Europe (+ CD)
Автор:Rob Hume
Издатель:Дорлинг Киндерсли
Количество страниц:488
Цена:3 357 ₽
Описание:Whether you are an armchair addict, or a bird-watching pioneer this guide and 70-minute CD are essential reference. Use them to discover all about the 800 species regularly found in Britain and Europe as well as rarer varieties. See birds in their natural habitat and learn about characteristic behaviour. Stunning photos show adults in typical plumage, with male, female, juvenile and summer or winter variations helping you to identify birds in the field quickly and easily. Explore up-to-date, colour-coded maps highlighting resident and migratory distributions so you know which species to expect when you are out and about. Every fact and image is fully authenticated by the RSPB making this a must-have for bird enthusiasts of all levels.
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