World Birds Atlas

Название:World Birds Atlas
Автор:Mohammed Wael Daboul
Издатель:LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Количество страниц:604
Цена:9 069 ₽
Описание:World Birds Atlas : is an atlas that covers in brief many of the diverse group of birds according to their classification. With around 10,000 living species, the book goes through examples of each class of birds. Starting with general information about birds then moving forward into more detailed information regarding each class, followed by as many great images of birds under the different classes within the same context and arrangement of the literature above. Bird watching is the fastest growing recreational pursuit in the United States. Adding all wildlife watching equipment together, America as a nation spends on bird watching nearly 20 billion dollars! The book comes in 601 pages trying to cast the light on what is once reported by US volunteers as being (the majority of wildlife observations). It is the world of birds.
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