National Geographic: Complete Birds of North America

Название:National Geographic: Complete Birds of North America
Издатель:National Geographic
Серия:National Geographic
ISBN:978-1-4262-1373-1, 1426213735
Количество страниц:744
Цена:2 319 ₽
Описание:Essential, comprehensive, and easy to use, the revised edition of National Geographic Complete Birds of North America is an astonishing resource that covers every bird species found in North America as well as all the seasonal visitors. Entries are organized by family group, the taxonomic organization newly updated to match current American Ornithologists’ Union guidelines. Within a family, each separate bird entry has dozens of tips and illustrations on species’ gender, age group, behavior, habitat, nesting and feeding habits, and migration routes. Providing full information on more than 1,000 species, this is a remarkable value at the price with unique features including: 4,000 annotated illustrations by expert bird artists 180 color photographs Text by America’s foremost birding authorities Hundreds of range and migration maps, fully updated Cutting-edge information on identification.
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