Pocket Birds of Britain and Europe

Название:Pocket Birds of Britain and Europe
Автор:Jonathan Elphick, John Woodward
Издатель:Дорлинг Киндерсли
Количество страниц:224
Цена:851 ₽
Описание:This is a new edition of this pocket-sized guide to birds from the experts at the RSPB. From the Sandwich Tern to the Short-toed Eagle discover over 320 species of bird found in the UK and Europe with «RSPB Pocket Birds». Close-up photographs and notes on distinguishing features will help you identify different species of bird in the field. Learn all about them from their calls and feeding behaviour to nesting habits and habitats. Maps showing regions where each species can be found at what time of year will help you find the birds you are most interested in. It fits easily into a pocket. «RSPB Pocket Birds» is perfect for taking out in the field.
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